The Best Three Area Rugs A Pet Owner

By Seane C.J. Hess

For those among us who love our pets, we know that having an animal in the home means that certain adjustments must be made. While most people can just go out and buy new wool area rugs, for example, pet owners have to be a little more careful about the stuff they bring into their home. Area rugs must be troublesome, top quality, and in a position to resist friendly, chewing lab puppies and the open claws of cats stretching in the sunshine.

And when you've just bought your pet furniture from Petco, not just any area rug will do. So here are the top three area rugs for pet owners.

Area Rug 1: Braided Rugs. These sorts of area rugs provide multiple benefits for pet owners, and in truth are sold by some of the biggest names in pet suppliers on the market, including Orvis. Braided area rugs are sturdy, resistant to foot and paw traffic, and easy to bathe. In addition, they can be made out of many differing kinds of materials including mixes of cotton and polypropylene, which makes them immune to mildew, stain, sunfading and soil. And as anyone that owns a water dog knows, a mildew resistant rug could be a superb thing.

Area Rug 2: Derclon Rugs. A synthetic, wool-like fiber that resists both stain and fading, derclon is another popular choice for people that own pets. The incontrovertible fact that derclon area rugs are hypoallergenic makes them ideal for animal owners who have allergies to their pets, as well as for owners whose pets themselves have allergies - something that happens more frequently than you could think! I knew a lady whose fighter was allergic to pet dander, and she swore by derclon, as it was hypoallergenic and simple to wash.

Area Rug 3: Water Trapper Rugs. While not strictly area rugs, doormats and rugs that trap water can be a pet owner's best mate. Made out of polypropolene, these rugs grab moisture off boots, shoes and paws, and keeps it out of your house. And because polypropolene drains off and dries quickly, rugs made out of them are excellent for spring and winter, when it seems like all anyone brings into your house is mud and snow! And one of the finest benefits? They can be easily cleaned by hosing them off. - 29953

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How to Find the Perfect Pet Dog

By Amarea Fulkakis

Did you grow up without ever owning a lovable pooch because your parents are very strict with regards to the cleanliness in your household? Did they make you feel that having dogs can lead to a messy living space? Well, if that's the case, you surely lost a lot of experiences that could have made you into a much better individual. If you are a parent right now and you don't want the same thing to happen to your little kids, get a pet dog that will be their trustworthy companion as they face the challenges of life.

You have to mull over a lot of things when deciding to buy a pet from the veterinarian. You must take into consideration the other occupants in your house, the size of your living abode as well as the garden, the dog's breed and the maintenance price that you might possibly shoulder.

This article will explain the reasons for each consideration. Read on so that you will be guided accordingly in your search for the ultimate dog.

If you are living alone, then you are the sole decision-maker in this situation. However, if you have a wife and kids, they should also be allowed to put in their two cents' worth so that you can truly weigh the pros and cons in an objective manner. Making a crucial choice should be a collaborative process.

Second, try to see if your dog will survive where you live. If it's a cramped space, then it might not be a good idea to get big dog. A smaller one might be preferred like a toy dog. They are satisfied living in a cute little cardboard box. Now, if you live in a mansion, you can have as many four-legged creatures as you want without worrying about a possible space constraint issue. A guard dog or a sports dog is your best bet. A wide area is required for them so that they will get the requisite amount of exercise hours in a particular day. Their long and lean limbs need to be stretched out so that they can remain functioning in an optimal manner.

Third, read about what breed you want. Not all dogs are created the same. Take note that there are individual differences. Some dogs are prone to getting sick in dusty environments. Others are easy prey to sickness when the temperature changes. Also consider the temperament of the dog. Toy dogs like the Japanese spits and poodle are fun and enjoyable to cuddle. They are also playful so they need affectionate owners. On the other hand, German Shepherds and Rottweiler?s need owners with a dominating personality that can tame them. If you are not self-assured don't consider getting their breed. They won't obey you. Even if they are still puppies, they can sense if you can be manipulated to fit their whims or not.

Fourth, if you have a limited amount of money for the dog's upkeep, get one that is not a burden to the pocket. This means saying no to cute and furry animals that need weekly grooming care and monthly visit to the vet. Others, like the Siberian husky, need an extremely cold location in order to thrive. If you think you can't keep up with the increase in your electric bill for his air conditioning needs, forget his kind.

Be patient in choosing the dog of your choice. They will be with you for a long time so it makes sense to get the best one. - 29953

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All About Raising Chickens

By Ellen Roberts

Raising chickens is something I have been doing for my whole life. It's not only for eggs and food, but for fun. Raising chickens for egg laying is mostly very easy. The major challenge is protecting backyard chickens from predators such as rats.

Since the turnover for chickens is only 10-12 weeks, you can get lovely meat and eggs in no time. It's a good way of earning some quick bucks. The birds eat grain, seeds and grasses, so it doesn't take a lot of work to care for and can provide a great educational experience for your children, too. Chickens or other birds that are raised for their eggs and meat is normally a popular family and business activity almost everywhere in the world.

For urban farmers, raising chickens is becoming more and more popular. Many people are realizing that the difference between pasture raised chicken meat and eggs and those from large confinement operations is similar to the difference between fresh seasonal heirloom tomatoes, and those picked green, ripened with ethanol, and shipped across the country. Taking care of chickens teaches more than animal husbandry. It's a hands-on chance to learn the character- and community-building principles and practices that 4-H is all about. Raising chickens yields far more than just fresh eggs and you don't have to live on a farm to do it! This event will give you a chance to find out about resources related to raising chickens in our area and hear from knowledgeable local chicken owners.

Caring For The Chickens

In the morning, chickens depart the coops and when the critter proof doors are opened and return in the evening on their own, after which you simply close them in. Stress free living, benefits the chickens, which results in fewer losses due to illness as well as exponentially greater resistance to pathogens and poultry specific diseases. Chickens are great creatures to spend a little time with and they really are useful. You need a baby chick to teach the young turks how to find their food and water.

They need between one and two square foot each in their chicken coop and between two to four feet each in their chicken run. Bantams need less space and the larger breeds need more, so the size of your hens does matter. Chickens make great pets, and depending on the breed they also are great egg layers. Of course, you can also raise them for meat. Chickens are surprisingly low maintenance. It may seem weird to keep chickens at first but once I got chickens it doesn't seem weird at all.

Chickens are naturally cannibalistic and they peck at each other. Once a bird starts bleeding they all jump in and may kill her. But they are smart, funny and a bundle of curious instincts. It's no wonder that so many chicken terms such as "pecking order" and "coming home to roost" have found their way into our everyday language. Chickens are very vulnerable to predators. Even in the city, loose dogs, cats, racoons, rats, opossum, hawks, owls, even foxes and coyotes are a danger to your backyard flock.

Chickens can tolerate pretty low temperatures. But no matter where you live, you should have a house part of your coop where the chickens can go to escape the weather. Chickens need access to the outside, too. They need to be able to scratch in the dirt and look for insects. Chick starter should be fed for the first 6 weeks. Then you can mix the started with a "developer" feed until they are 20-weeks of age.

Feed For Chickens

Feed comes in 3 forms: mash, crumbles and pellets. Mash is powdery, just as it sounds. Feedstuffs can also be analyzed in a laboratory for nutrient make-up. Poultry nutritionists or Extension agents can provide help in ration-balancing. Feed the chicks a commercial "chick starter" (18% protein) feed which you can purchase from your local feed store. I like to keep them on this for the first 4-6 weeks and gradually add other grains like cracked corn, wheat, oats.

Egg Laying

Eggs were a staple in the diet and the flock must continue to procreate. Eggs have to be found if your chickens are free range, and having a daily egg hunt can get old in a hurry. They will find somewhere else to lay as soon as you find their nest. I would encourage you to provide your birds with a good secure coop and fenced area to keep them safe from dogs etc. Egg production really drops off during winter, but from keeping chickens you will learn why we have Easter Eggs, because they go nuts laying in the spring. - 29953

FX5 - The Future of Aquarium Filtration

By Trevor J Rockberry

It's a well known fact that an aquarium is as good as its filter. If you have a premium and an efficient filter like the new FX5 by Fluval, then you reap many advantages in the long run. Your fish stay healthy, you don't have to clean your aquarium every now and then and the water remains free of chemicals and other products which are typically found in tap water. The Fluval aquarium filters by Hagen are well known for their quality and efficiency. These filters have also been applauded by users for their superior features and ease of use.

Always Gets the Job Done

Do you have an aquarium? Are you sick and tired of all the work required to keep the water clean and your fish healthy? The Fluval FX5 filter can help you reduce your aquarium workload by filtering out microscopic impurities which are not visible to the naked eye, thereby keeping your fish swimmingly healthy. Not only do they take away the stress in that way, these high-volume multistage aquarium filters are easy to install and maintain and will keep your aquarium clean and healthy for years to come!

The ability to filter out more all mechanical, chemical, and biological contaminants out is what an ideal aquarium filter is all about. The three in one FX5 is able to handle all types of mechanical, chemical, and biological impurities that are present in your aquarium. Ammonia and other harmful contaminants are easily removed by this awesome filter and it also prevents in harmful build ups of toxic and dirt content which could harm your aquarium fish.

Features Like No Other

Designed with size in mind, these canister filters are compact and compatible with the majority of aquarium fish tanks on offer. The hi-tech electronic circuit board will keep track of how well the filter performance is like by taking into account the need to be mindful of energy utilization. Ease of use is a major focus for these filters. The only requirement to get started is to install the filter, which requires simply plugging it in. Different filters may have you manual siphon before you can install them, unlike these filters.

Other Interesting Facts

The FX5 comes with twin out put nozzles which help in circulating and filtering the entire water in the aquarium. This filter also has a valve drain which allows it to get rid of all the waste without opening the lid of the filter or moving the unit. The rim connector helps in holding the pipes and the entire equipment in place. These filters also come with three year warranty and guarantee which means that you don't need to spend money on buying any additional guarantees or warranties. FX5 aquarium canister filters come with all the features that an aquarium owner would want in a filter. It is compact, easy to install, energy efficient and utilizes the most superior technology available. Once you install the FX5 in your aquarium, you can just sit back and relax and watch your fish swimming happily! - 29953

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Angelfish Tips

By Stephen J Broy

Angelfish are cataloged in one of the largest families of vertebrates known to science. The family Cichlidae is made up of over 1,300 classified species in 220 different genera. Previously undiscovered species are being added to this family every year. It is estimated that there could be as many as 3,000 species that fall within the scientific classification of this family. This family, referred to in laymen's terms as cichlids, includes oscars, discus and tilapias. Many sources will tell you that angelfish are endemic to the Amazon River in Brazil. While this is true, this species can also be found in the Orinoco River and Essequibo River basins. The angelfish's natural habitat extends throughout Guyana, Venezuela, and Columbia as well as Brazil.

These fish are intriguingly beautiful creatures. Angelfish are among the most popular fish with fish lovers throughout the world. Their unique disk contour without doubt added to their massive popularity. Angels are sold in an assortment of color palettes, from unadorned to striped, veined, black, golden, or Koi. These fish are one of the most common fish sold in pet stores. Angels are extremely economical. Angelfish are amongst the easiest fish to care for.

A single glance at these little guys in the fish shop and you'll want to take one home. The angels on display in the fish shops have not yet reached maturity. Angels normally reach six inches in diameter as adults. They can be housed in a fish tank as small as 10 gallons although 20 gallons and is more obliging to their adult size.

Angelfish are docile . Angelfish are perfect community dwellers. These fish will, however, regard smaller species as a means of nutrition. Refrain from keeping them with species such as rasboras, zebra danios and guppies. You will also want to avoid housing angels with fish like barbs and tetras. Both are notorious fin nippers. An angelfish's long, flowing fins will be perceived as snack, too appealing to pass by.

Angelfish are omnivores. Their diet should contain both plant and animal matter. You will want to make sure to choose a fish food that is formulated for omnivores as a main staple. A good quality flake food is all you will need to keep your angelfish healthy and happy. Many fish keepers prefer to provide an assortment of dietary supplements in addition to the primary diet. Although this is not strictly mandatory, it is recommended. Would you want to have the exact same thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of your life? A varied regimen will help to guarantee optimum health. Dried seaweed sheets make a wonderful dietary supplement for omnivores. Protein based supplements such as brine shrimp, tubifex and bloodworms are great alternatives to common fish food. Frozen and freeze dried preparations are easy to find and are a cost effective alternative to live food.

These fish inhabit South America. They prefer water on the acidic side of the pH scale. A pH factor of 6.8 and temperatures between 72-86 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal environment. In an ideal environment an angelfish may live in excess of 10 years.

Unlike many inhabitants of the Amazon River, these fish do not consume their new born. As a matter of fact, the proud parents will instinctively stand guard over their eggs through the 3-4 day gestation period. Once they are born, the new parents will steer their brood from plant to plant for the next four or five days. At some predetermined point, the adult's parental instinct will dissipate. The adults will now perceive their fry as a food source. It is advisable to remove them from the breeding tank. - 29953

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Portable and Small Chicken Coop - A Few Advantages

By Kor Rassad

If you want healthy chickens along with fresh eggs, then you must provide your chickens with natural food, ample sunshine and lots of fresh air. All this can be done by constructing a mobile chicken coop for them. These are also commonly called chicken tractors. Discussed in this article are a few key advantages of keeping your chicken in a chicken tractor.

A mobile chicken coop allows your chicken a supplement diet along with exercise as they scratch the ground to search for bugs and worms to eat.

The walls and top as well as the base of a portable coop are all made of wire mesh. This allows fresh breeze to flow through, providing them with fresh air. These units may be constructed to have space for sunshine as well as shade so that the chickens are comfortable in all sorts of weather conditions. Mobile chicken coops allow your chickens to live in a natural environment while they mesh protects them from predators such as foxes and rodents. You can make one large coop to house all the chickens and a smaller portable one that can have three or four chickens to experience the fresh air and environment turn by turn.

If you limited space in your yard, you can add an extra attachment to the portable coop that will be used for nesting and perch. With this solution, you will have three or four chickens in the yard and you will still have eggs.

Another advantage of portable chicken cops is that if your job requires regular relocation, these coops will prove to be an excellent investment. This is because they will provide all the basics which a regular chicken coop would offer.

Planning out and constructing a portable chicken coop is reasonably easier, simpler and inexpensive when compared to proper large units. Also, the time taken to build these is much more than the time it takes to build a portable one.

However, you must make sure that the mobile chicken coop you construct should follow all the requirements that are needed by chickens to remain healthy.

Each chicken must have plenty of space to itself and ventilation, cleanliness and comfort are paramount when you are designing the coop. let the chickens roam around in you backyard regularly but be careful to keep an eye on them in case they are attacked by predators. - 29953

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Home Dog Training - Can You Do It On Your Own?

By Adrian Logan

Last time before obedience classes were popular, nearly every dog owner relied on home dog training to get their dog to perform tricks and obey.

Pet owners who wanted a well behaved dog really had no choice but to spend time teaching Fido at home, and had to have the patience, willpower, and desire to do so. Many people learned how to train their dogs from their parents who had owned dogs, while others used instructions found in dog training books.

You can either train your dog through dog obedience classes or conduct home dog training just as your ancestors did. If you are low in budget, conducting home training is a better choice.

Dogs are easy to train. You just need to use a mixture of consistency, praise, and treats. Give them enough of those, and they'll be doing whatever you want in no time. They will obey you and perform nice tricks to impress your friends.

The most successful way to train your dog at home is to model the behavior you want from him. For example, if you want him to sit on command, then gently place him in a sitting position and say "sit" very firmly, while looking him in the eyes.

Keep repeating this. Soon, you only need to say 'sit' and you will see him do that. When he does it correctly, give him a treat and praise your dog. If your dog did not do it correct, continue to model the sitting position and the command. Your dog will get it eventually.

Different dogs pick up the skills differently. Some require a longer time but some can pick up quite quickly. But sooner or later he will get it.

Be sure to keep praising and giving treats for the first several times your dog does the right thing on command. This is important. After a while, you can forego the treats but continue to praise your dog. Your dog need to know whether are you happy with him. - 29953

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